About Me

Call me Adi.

Finally I am starting my own blog. After 10 years of back breaking, nerve wracking roller-coaster corporate ride, boy-o-boy this feels so satisfying. I was a Digital Marketer who had spend time ordering armies of minions (known as my team) to do all the execution while I chomped on my cheese loaded pizzas.  Then it happened. Entrepreneurship hit me – I just knew what I always wanted to do. I picked up something completely unrelated to marketing. Everything that was normal was put aside. 

15 months hence, Digital Marketer in me is once again called upon, awaken from its long slumber. A lot has changed (Even GoT climaxed & talking about Indian GDP became cool). In fact, the state has gone under a lock down and all my college era survival movies make more sense.

And Honestdigitalguy.com is born. The idea was really simple. Write about all my learning and experiences in Digital Marketing “honestly”. No masala, no sugar coating. Just my honest findings with the intention that the other people will profit from it. This is where “10 Minute Digital Marketing Course” comes in.

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With that said, my digital marketing journey was not a smooth ride. I am a self taught digital marketer. I jumped on the opportunity knowing that there was a need for one in a organization. No pressure. (or at least thats what my boss had said, but you know how it would turn out)

I loved the challenge. I failed like the proverbial “9,999 how not to make a light bulb”. And even though I hoped to find a mentor, to guide me – show me the light, there weren’t any. I ended up going through tons of books and research work spread across the not so dark world wide web. Saw the internet marketing transform into its current form with eyes wide open and pop corn by my side. I experimented a lot, became a daredevil and some times – it paid off. Working with product companies over the years, I launched 100s of products on the web, integrating offline marketing strategies with online. Initially, digital always took the backseat. But with instantaneous, measurable and results to showcase soon digital became an equal share holder and then the juggernaut offline teams followed and relied heavily on. The birth of Integrated Marketing.

In the past 10 years I have worked with Lava international, Spice mobiles, Spice Hotspot and then at Amazon.

With Digital Marketing advancing further, I soon learned the power of data based decision making. I started understanding the consumer better. Learnt the importance customer life cycle and life time value. And then working in tandem with product team, anticipating demand and selling at the right time and right place through the correct channel. Awards and recognition came along.

A Social Media project “Curious case of Dumb Selfies” won “Best Online Video” at CMO Asia Awards 2015. Other projects won a silver in Campaign Microsite section at The Creative Abby Awards, Goa Fest 2014. And many more at: Campaign India, Digital Crest Award, Kyoorius Awards 2014, SAP ACE award

I salute my colleagues, bosses and friends for I wouldn’t reach this stage without them.

Today, I am truly inspired by industry stalwarts like Neil Patel, Jon Loomer and their Indian counterparts Deepak Kanakraju, Sanjay Shenoy and Sourav Jain.

I am starting my journey to stand among these . Join my newly launched initiative “10 Minute Digital Marketing Course” where I promise to educate beginners about digital marketing, with 10 minutes tutorials.

Wish me luck. And do connect with me on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook.


Adityaraj Jaju