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Just FOCUS on the video tutorials TEN MINUTES A DAY and master pertinent topics. Practice assignments to aid further understanding.

A step-wise daily ten minute video learning guide on Digital marketing topics.

Assignments at the end of every video. Learn through practice.

Feedback on all assignments submitted. Know your mistakes and improve.

Additions to course material as and when published.

Life time access to course material. Refer material as and when required.

Get checklist, reports, cheat lists and even standard operating procedures in monthly mailer.

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What makes The 10 Minute Digital Marketing Course so powerful?

Guided Tutorials

Receive a systematic step wise tutorials on Digital Marketing subjects. Each topics is presented in extremely simple and easy to understand format. Watch video lesssons at your leisure using any device connected to internet.

Industry proven documents

An ever increasing help documents, checklists, how-to docs, latest industry reports and learnings that you access anytime. You can spend years collecting all necessary skills and knowledge OR get everything at one convenient place

Trend Watch

Get first mover advantage catching up with industry trends, latest technology updates all available at your inbox at relevant intervals. Never be overwhelmed by information overload as I send only skimmed updates.

Helpful Support

Believe me, I will always be on a standby for every issue you share. Do not hesitate to email, no matter how small the issue be. Active knowledge sharing is the only way forward.

Special priveleges

An active community of like minded people that help each other. Get accesss immediately to this gated community. Discuss, contribute, get helpful insights and even network to make cummunity even stronger.

Passive income potential

Here’s the most important thing. Learn. Practice.

Upgrade your career or just freelance. Opportunities are overwhelming.

Less than the time spend on morning coffee…

In exchange for this minuscule investment of time, I am sharing 10+ years of experience, learning’s that are time tested, campaign proven. This digital marketing course will have:

A systematic approach to every aspect of Digital Marketing

Checklists that make you stay ahead of the curve

How to guides that save your precious time and stay productive

Planning docs that make you realize the true objectives

Video tutorials that will make you a digital marketer you always dreamt to be!

Latest industry reports and trends

In return, I ask for only one thing – ten minutes a day.

A lot can happen in Ten Minutes

The first 60 seconds. Lets get acquainted

I am Adi, an Entrepreneur with a dream, a Digital marketer on a mission.

Not too long ago, I was a corporate slave. Like millions of marketing professionals, a cog in a giant wheel. I learned my Digital Marketing like the proverbial “9,999 ways of how NOT to make a light bulb”, planning, strategizing and launching tens of products in the market. Merging product lifecycle and customer first approach, optimizing the leaky sales funnel through data mining and analytics. Debunking every myth and fact, I have seen the customers evolve constantly.   

So when I say 10 minutes is all you need to become a Digital Marketer, believe me, it is true.

The entire ten minute digital marketing course is designed to make you understand the fundamentals easily. Access and benefit from industry proven marketing trainings, how to documents, strategies, checklists, templates and more shared with this course.   

Each tutorial will take 10 minutes or less for you to go through. Practice and share assignments. I will always be happy to help, every step.

With me? Lets talk about who should register.

Take a deep breathe. Few more seconds…

If you have read this far, the answer is “You”.

Students, Marketing Professionals, Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, house wives and all the curious ones!

And my friends will take over for the next one Minute

CA Ankit Chordia, Founder – AK Chordia & Associates

I am deeply impressed by the clarity of thought Adi has. He sticks to the basics and makes us stay rooted. Small inputs in our Digital Strategy have helped us grow by 130x within 2 months.

Dr Sneha Rathi, World’s leading Leucoderma Specialist

Adi has helped me go global. I have more patients from rest of the world than India. He is brilliant in planning and strategy and has saved me lacs of rupees. I you need an advice on Digital Marketing, I strongly suggest Adi.

Shailesh Kaul, Founder & CEO at NaukriPitara

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Aditya. I had the pleasure of working with Aditya for two years at the LAVA International , collaborating on several projects. Aditya’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before.

Ujwal Chandak

Ujwal Chandak, Director, United CJ LLP

Adi is our go to consultant for our market strategy. He knows ways to stitch together all our offline and online marketing campaigns. Eagerly waiting for his 10 Minute Digital Marketing course.

Have a cookie with coffee

And another minute with some did you know facts about Digital…..

500 million+ internet users in India and still more than 50% population don’t have access to internet

 People are spending more time on Mobile than traditional mediums of communication. (200mins+)

 27% CAGR in digital spends (2013-18) *Estimates for INDIA market

 Integrated marketing is the need of the hour, not just a trend

 Jobs! 1.5 Lakh Digital Marketing related jobs created in 2016

Start your own business on digital with as low as 4k

So what is Digital Marketing in a minute….

Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.

It’s no surprise that today’s consumers are online: hanging out in social media, staying updated on news sites and blogs, and searching online when they have a need.

That’s why, for better marketing results, you need to be online too—getting people’s attention, building interest in your products and services, and driving sales with digital marketing. And it works so well, marketers don’t think of it as an alternative to “traditional” marketing.

So how does digital marketing work?

Its simple!

Digital marketing works by building relationship with prospects via multiple touch points, or points of interaction, in a variety of digital channels—like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, search engines like Google.

All of these touch points build familiarity and trust. This helps in making buying decisions simple and they think of you first, while buying.

The objective of any brand should be to become a trusted friend, a guide. With Digital Marketing, brands now have those tools. Brands recommend and people are interested in listening, buying.

Digital marketing is highly effective in creating a desire to buy, in many cases, buy sooner.

Stop making costly marketing mistakes

One more minute and ten minute digital marketing course will be top of your mind for a very fruitful time to come. The positives of Digital marketing over traditional marketing are:

Low Cost – Even with low budgets marketing objectives can be achieved. Spill over and wasteful spending can be tracked, eliminated.

 Low entry barrier – Did you know, Brands can now advertise for less than a dollar on digital.

 Higher ROI – Cost per customer acquisition and engagement is lower, which helps reaping higher return on investment for every dollar spent.

 Easy to measure – Live actionable reports and data that help you make intelligent decisions.

 Precise Targeting – Reach your target segment with little or no spill over. Get control over your marketing insights and effectively deliver to your precise segment.

 Greater reach – Entire world is in your hands! Market your product or services across the global.

 Greater engagement – Have a one to one relationship with millions of customers.

So what’s the secret ingredient in this course?

Its just simple & easy to understand!

But here are the other ingredients of ten minute digital marketing course……. (9 minutes are up… Last 60 Seconds)

What is Digital Marketing? Who can become a Digital Marketer?

How to start your own website? What are the best free tools

Start blogging and some advice

How to customize WordPress blog (Hey this page too is on a wordpress)

Inbound Marketing

Facebook Universe, Advertising on Facebook

How to make short videos. Youtube Advertising

Tips to become Twitter Rockstar

Linkedin Profile enhancement. Linkedin Advertising

Whatsapp Marketing

Search engine Oprimization

Email Marketing

Google Analytics Basics

Google AdSense Basics Digital Strategies

Ten minutes are up! But, hey.. take away the bonus….

Get an exclusive copy ” Get five proven tips that will generate you more customers online.” Absolutely free.


Limite time period offer. Register this course for absolutely free.

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